General Class Information

Class Times

Sundays 4:00pm – 8:00pm

Advance registration required (Seating limited)


All Classes are designed for the beginner.  No previous training or experience is required.

All classes are for self-improvement only. No certificate or credit of any kind is given.

Next Round of Classes

Next class dates will be determined based upon interest levels. 


The Five Elements of Polarity Therapy


What they are and how 

they apply to everyday life

The Five elements of Polarity Therapy – Ether, Air, Fire, Water & Earth, are derived by Dr. Randolph Stone from the three main Ayurvedic doshas.  This class will explore these  elements and their physical, emotional and mental components.  These foundational energy concepts can be applied to all aspects of life. Additionally, people that receive Polarity, Elemental Reflexology or Polarity Reflexology sessions will benefit from a deeper understanding of their sessions.

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Chakras for Beginners


Covering the basics of the Ayurvedic energy centers

Chakras are the wheels of life energy that are frequently addressed in yoga, meditation and many other energetic practices.  This class will explore what chakras are and how they affect everyday life.  Included in this class will be basic self-balancing techniques.


Cost: $50 (includes all materials and taxes)

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Energy Currents and Sensing Energy


Introduction to the many ways energy flows throughout and around the body and how to begin to tune in to it.

The human energy field is a complex integration of many different patterns of energy flow (currents) in, around and throughout the body.  This class will explore the basic currents of energy, how energy workers & energetic bodyworkers affect them and how to begin sensing these flows yourself.

We will explore the ultrasonic core, caduceus current, transverse current, north-south current, spiral current, chakras, polarities and more. Students will receive a few simple exercises to begin learning how to sense these energy currents.


Cost: $50 (includes all materials and taxes)

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Reiki I

Reiki spiritually guided universal life force energy

Introduction to and History of Reiki with Level I Attunements for Self-Healing

The definition of Reiki is spiritually guided universal life force energy.  This class introduces the student to Reiki and teaches how to apply it to self-care.

This is a very slow paced, two part Reiki I class spread out over three weeks in keeping with the tradition of 21 days of preparation before receiving first Level I attunement.  A healing attunement will be given during Part I to officially begin this preparation.


Cost: $125 (includes all materials and taxes)

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