About Angela



To help clients achieve a calm, peaceful, relaxed, meditative state.  When the body and mind can relax then the stress and tension can be released. When stress and tension is released then the energy can freely flow.  When the energy can freely flow then healing can take place.


Angela first began investigating natural remedies, complementary & alternative medicine and holistic therapies early in 2000.  It all started when she developed allergies to many standard allopathic medicines and needed to find alternative treatments. Slowly she began to dig deeper into natural remedies, health, nutrition and bodywork. From there a desire to learn more continued on over the years. Finally in 2008 she took home-study courses from the Global College of Natural Medicine in holistic health, herbalism and nutrition.

In 2010, Angela found the Institute of Holistic Health Careers* (IHHC) in Columbus, Ohio, and began her hands-on training with Elemental Reflexology.  In addition to taking courses, Angela became an employee at the school.  In January of 2014 Angela became a full time holistic wellness practitioner.


Angela has obtained five (5) certifications from IHHC*; Elemental Reflexology (01/11), Reiki Master (08/12), Relaxation Massage (07/12), Herbal Education (06/11) and Aromatherapy (06/11). She has also taken additional CEU training in energetic theory & principles, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, Polarity Therapy, sound therapy (tuning forks), Bach flower essences and wellness coaching including energetic foods and detoxification at IHHC. Angela has obtained CEU credit from Universal Class in Reiki Attunements and Aging & Long Term Care.

 *The Institute of Holistic Careers underwent many changes in 2016 & 2017.  The school has been transformed into the Global Academy for Energetic Education.   Angela received her credentials under The Institute of Holistic Health Careers; State of Ohio Board of Career Colleges and Schools registration #01-01-1528T.